Way Forward

Usually the SDGs progress measurement tools are based on secondary data available with the governments and other related stakeholders however, AwazCDS-Pakistan and its partner organizations working under the aegis of Pakistan Development Alliance have presented this first ever social accountability and audit tool in the form of SDGs citizens’ scorecard in the pilot phase of SDGs Citizens Watch Pakistan Program. Governments and other concerned stakeholders have the opportunity to learn from the outcomes of this citizens’ scorecard and build official mechanisms for better social accountability and progress measurements of SDGs.

The following are some specific future interventions and recommendations for governments, national and provincial/ regional Parliamentary Task Forces on SDGs, SDGs Support Units working under the aegis of Planning Commission and Planning & Development Departments, commissions like NCSW, NCHR, NCRC, PCSWs and other related stakeholders including INGOs and CSOs working on SDGs

  • Sub-Committee of National Parliamentary Task Force on SDGs is in the process of making SDGs Scorecard, the members of the committee and other stakeholders have this opportunity to build on this citizens’ scorecard and expand its scope from 5 goals to all the 17 goals and implement the same in all the districts of Pakistan to measure the progress on SDGs. Pakistan is expected to present its second voluntary national review report 2023 therefore it may be an excellent opportunity to create evidence of progress based on citizens’ scorecard.
  • Citizens’ scorecard questionnaire and methodology need to be made more comprehensive so as inter provincial and inter district ranking on SDGs progress be ascertained flawlessly.
  • National and provincial / regional governments are still in the process of developing their SDGs priority frameworks therefore the concerned authorities are requested to consider the top ten citizens’ priority SDGs as mentioned in Table(a) in Chapter 2 of this SDGs Citizens’ Dossier.
  • Civil society organizations and other related stakeholders be meaningfully engaged in all the processes and monitoring mechanism towards the implementation of SDGs in the country.
  • Demands and opinions outlined and expressed in the Citizens’ Communique (Annexure IV) need to be considered in letter and spirit governments, multilateral & bilateral donors, INGOs, CSOs, NGOs, academics, private sector organizations and all other related stakeholders